Eli Broad, founder of The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation, longtime supporter of expanding learning time, and a TSC signatory, recently published The Art of Being Unreasonable where he urges us to silence the voice of conventional wisdom that plagues us all. Mr. Broad makes the argument that with a little unreasonable thinking, you can achieve goals others may tell you are out of reach.

In his commentary for Education Week adapted from his book, Mr. Broad calls to the surface a profound crisis happening in America – our troubled public schools. It’s not just that schools aren’t producing the results we want—it’s that we are not giving them what they need to help students succeed. Not only does Mr. Broad see the deeply antiquated US school calendar a root problem in this crisis, he also gets to the same question we here at TSC think is just too unreasonable not to ask: the world has changed radically, so why have our schools stayed largely the same?