With new signatories signing on every day, it has been particularly exciting to learn why people from all over the country are joining the movement to ensure that students have the time they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Check back every Wednesday to see  how signatories are answering this important question:

“Why do YOU support expanding learning time?”

“As a teacher in a school with expanded learning time, I see the difference firsthand that a longer school day has on a child’s education. As a special needs teacher, the longer school day provides more opportunities for my students to receive instruction, be involved in the main stream classes, and participate in a wider variety of social activities. As a developed country and a leading country, it is inconceivable to me that students in the United States are not attending school for longer periods of time, whether it be a longer day or a longer school year. The schedule designed 100 years ago is no longer applicable.”

      – Sandra Carreiro, Teacher, Malden Public Schools, Malden MA

“For years, the traditional school day and calendar have held time as a constant and have allowed learning to be the variable. It is time to shift this paradigm ensure that students are engaged in high-quality expanded learning opportunities that prepare them for success in academic learning, life, and the global economy.”

     – Nancy Lester, Professor of Literacy Education, Medgar Evers College; The City University of New York

“It is clear that we need to expand learning hours to create an environment that allows for learning in many different ways and different subjects. It is shocking to me how little time is spent on science, art, music, and social studies today. These subjects reinforce the core language arts and math skills that students work on and add a joy to learning that seems to be lacking in schools today.”

    – Rosemary Stump, Parent, Kansas City, MO

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