Bringing you this week’s expanding learning time news:


Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste In his commentary for Education Week adapted from his book, Mr. Broad calls to the surface a profound crisis happening in America – our troubled public schools. It’s not just that schools aren’t producing the results we want—it’s that we are not giving them what they need to help students succeed.


Longer School Days, Class on Weekends Result in Improvements at Waypoint Academy This Michigan school implemented an extra hour of instruction a day and Saturday school for several weeks last fall. The school moved from unacceptable to above expectations. This success has made everyone involved true expanded time believers.


Longer School Year, a Reform Worth Doing Despite all the ambitious rhetoric about education reform during this year’s legislative session, the day-to-day school experience for Iowa’s students and teachers next year will be little different than what they experienced this year.


$50 Million for Expanded Learning Time Scenarios USA blog features TSC.