I love coming across news articles like this. As a once terrible math student myself, I understand all too well the feeling of being behind. At Collegiate Prep Academy and six other schools in the Montbello, Colorado area, only 8.8% of students in 4th, 6th, and 9th grades were proficient in math at the beginning of the school year. Yikes!

Eleven schools in the Montbello area broke off from the rest of Denver Public Schools by becoming a “zone of innovation.” These schools, such as Collegiate Prep Academy, have the autonomy to create its own rules like a longer school day and longer school year than the rest of the district.

According to a standardized test called the Scholastic Math Inventory Assessment, the same students who showed an 8.8% proficiency rating in August, scored a 50 percent proficiency rating in May. That’s a 500 percent jump in less than one year (meaning half of those students are now caught up in math.) That’s HUGE!

Allen Smith, Executive Director of Denver Summit Schools said, “… if we are willing to invest in our students and willing to put in the extra time – many students can benefit from this.”

We couldn’t agree more. Keep it up Colorado!