We are proud to announce that last week, former Massachusetts Governor and 1988 Democratic Party Presidential Nominee Michael Dukakis, signed on as a signatory to the Time to Succeed Coalition (TSC).  Governor Dukakis joins former Colorado Governor Roy Romer and former West Virginia Governor Bob Wise as signatories to TSC.  You can see all of our signatories here.

As a regular lecturer on public policy at Northeastern University, Governor Dukakis’ deep understanding of the nuance of education reform makes him a powerful ally in the movement to expand learning time.  His clear support of expanded learning time makes him a natural fit as a signatory, and we welcome him to our cause.

Since finishing his term as Governor in 2005, Bob Wise has continued his career in public service as President of the Alliance for Excellent Education, a non-profit that works to impact nation policy to promote high school transformation.  His leadership and experience with education reform policy makes him a valuable ally and an honored member of our coalition.

Governor Roy Romer has had, and continues to have, a truly remarkable career path.  After serving as the Governor of Colorado for 12 years, he then went on to serve as the superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District for another 6 years.  I could not find an example of another leader who served as a Governor and then went on to run a major city’s school system.  As with the other Governors, we welcome not only his leadership and experience, but his advice as well, as we advance this coalition and issue.

We are honored to have these leaders as members of the Time to Succeed Coalition.  As former Governors, they understand the impact that statewide education policy can have in transforming the lives of millions of children.  They understand that expanded learning time is a critical lever to enabling and empowering countless other reforms.  And most importantly, they understand that expanded learning time works.