I found an editorial out of Milwaukee today with a particular quote from Milwaukee Superintendent, Gregory Thornton, that struck me: “I am disappointed that I have not been able to move the needle.”

According to the editorial, Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) rank near the bottom for urban districts in the United States in 4th and 8th grade reading for minority boys.

A possible solution the author thinks Thornton should push for: a longer school day to make room for more time spent daily on reading.

The author points out that employers are less likely to invest in areas where they don’t have a talented pool of potential employees to choose from. Improving achievement at MPS through a longer school day to raise student achievement and provide a well-rounded education would help the entire southeastern Wisconsin region.

We couldn’t agree more that a longer school day, in order to make room for more reading instruction as well as possibly other enrichments or other opportunities, could go a long way to helping Miltown better educate its children.