Last week, the National Center on Time & Learning (NCTL) submitted a formal comment to the US Department of Education which detailed a specific set of recommendations for how the Department should incorporate expanding learning time into their new Race to the Top for Districts competition.  You can learn more about the comment in this blog post.  A special thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for the NCTL comment.

All comments were public.  The Department of Education website provided readers the opportunity to “vote” for specific comments they agreed with; out of over 450 comments submitted, the NCTL comment advocating for expanding learning time received, hands down, the most votes.  (As of this post’s publication, NCTL’s comment had 104 votes; no other comment had more than 70).

This overwhelming show of support for expanded learning time is incredibly encouraging.  We at TSC are hopeful that the Department of Education will heed the advice coming from NCTL and incorporate expanded learning time into their plans for Race to the Top.