Your weekly feed of reasons why TSC signatories decided to be, well, TSC signatories! (All emphasis added.)

“As a teacher I believe 100% in expanding teaching and learning time to allow intellectual, emotional, and sociological development of children. There is a need for collaboration among teachers, administrators, and families, however this requires time during the school day. Yes we as teachers need to collaborate to create a critical diverse community of learners and teachers, but for this to happen teachers need the time during the school day to be the best we can be. At this moment, many of us are teaching six class periods of seven everyday. This allows very little time to collaborate and/or to interact with students outside the constraint of a class.”

– Lydia Andino-Demya, Teacher, Elyria, Ohio

“As an Associate Professor of Education at Medgar Evers College in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, I teach and mentor aspiring educators and collaborate with urban schools – where the vast majority of children live below the poverty line. In addition, I grew up attending poor-performing public schools in NYC. I can speak from both my personal and professional experiences that expanded learning time – in both traditional and non-traditional learning environments – can have a huge impact on teaching and learning.”

– Ken Hoyte, Professor, Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn, New York

“Too often students in our schools are simply being “talked at” by teachers and instructors. I believe that students learn best through exploration, discovery, and independent reflection. This can only be made possible through the expansion of learning time.”

– Trenton Smith, President, Students for Education Reform, University of South Carolina

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