This week, the Ohio state legislature approved a plan to support school turnaround in Cleveland which will involve expanding learning time.  The bill awaits the Governors’ signature, but he is expected to support the proposal.  Sen. Nina Turner, who represents Cleveland in the state Senate and sponsored this legislation, said it best: “This is a victorious moment for the children of Cleveland.  Now the real work begins.”

The plan empowers the school district leadership to expand the length of the school day and year.  It empowers the union to negotiate for additional pay for that additional time.  It also makes year-round schooling an option in Cleveland.

At the end of the day, we at the Time to Succeed Coalition are thrilled to see expanded time on the agenda as a reality for Cleveland children.  We all agree that our outdated calendar cripples public education in this country.  Cleveland’s rejection of an unacceptable status quo adds this city to the growing list of communities making the dream of more and better learning time in their schools a reality.