Last week we introduced former Massachusetts Governor and 1988 Democratic Party Presidential Nominee Michael Dukakis, in a blog post highlighting the three Governor’s we have signed on as TSC Signatories. Today, we released a short video of Governor Roy Romer on why he supports expanding learning time.

Roy Romer is a three-term former Governor of Colorado and served as superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Currently serving as a Special Advisor at the College Board, Romer concentrates his efforts on connecting students to college success and opportunity.

A long time advocate for ending the status quo in education, Gov. Romer outlines a four-prong approach to education reform, including standards, curricula, and teacher quality, and that he sees time as a core strategy underlining all of them. Governor Romer’s bottom line: students deserve the time they need to prepare for the rigors of college life and beyond – and teachers deserve adequate time to prepare students for success.

Thank you, Governor Romer, for your leadership on this issue and for joining the coalition. We’d say welcome aboard, but in this case, that’s not necessary. You have been a longtime leader here – we’re happy to be joining you!