For the second time in two years, The Preuss School UCSD was identified as the top school out of California’s 912 charter schools in a report released Tuesday by USC’s Center on Educational Governance.

The Preuss School UCSD, which began in 1999, has a 100 percent graduation rate and 100 percent of its students qualify for free- or reduced-price lunches. Lead by TSC Signatory and long time expanded learning time supporter Scott Barton, Preuss has a longer school year than most public schools – 198 days instead of 175.

“We’d love to see people take this model and replicate it,” Principal Barton told UT San Diego. “Most schools have gone to 175 (school days) and the governor is talking about lowering it to 160. We just can’t have that. We need students in school longer. All schools need to have a longer year and find ways to fund that.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Principal Barton last year and attending his session on preparing students for college and career success at the 2011 National Convening on Expanding Learning, in Boston, MA. His passion for his school and the success they have seen due to their expanded school schedule was literally electrifying. We here at TSC are excited to feature the Preuss School in the coming weeks in our “Success Stories” section and are eagerly awaiting to hear more from Principal Barton!