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“The additional academic and enrichment classes offered through ELT increases student motivation to succeed and increases access to experiences that broaden background knowledge for our at risk population.  Core teachers have more time for the collaboration that is critical to maintaining a sharp focus on students by their particular needs.“

– Beth Pfalmer, ELT Coordinator, Sheridan School District #2, Fort Logan Elementary School, Englewood, CO

The current school day limits the time for academic pursuits, individualized explorations, active play, nutrition, and personal growth. In addition, students with limited resources in their communities miss out on many out-of-school opportunities and become less competitive with their more affluent peers. Further, some may not always have access to a safe and nurturing environment and would benefit from a safety net. I believe productive use of expanded learning time that is safe, personalized, and culturally and intellectually enriching addresses each of these concerns.”

– Kathleen Wright, Education Policy Analyst, SchoolsRetooled, Waban, MA

“There remains a high correlation between high-poverty neighborhoods and low performing schools, the result being that children living in poverty often receive a subpar education with little to no opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities, which would serve to enrich the education they receive each day in school. Subsequently, this demographic of children continue to not make academic gains at the same rate as are their middle to upper class peers, further perpetuating the gap in achievement. It therefore becomes essential that we work to create these learning opportunities through the expansion of learning time in high-poverty communities. Doing so will help to assure that all children, regardless of socioeconomic status, are given equal access to educationally enriching activities, which will ultimately allow them to find greater success in school.

– Deanna Conley, Teacher, The George Washington University, Arlington, VA

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