Last week, I wrote a blog post discussing New Jersey Assembly Bill 1391, an innovative bill which would expand learning time in New Jersey.  In the past week, this bill has made promising progress.

If you live in New Jersey, please take a moment to submit a letter to the editor and tell your community and your elected officials to support expanding learning time.

Last week, the bill passed the Assembly Education Committee and has moved up to the Appropriations Committee.  This week, the bill has been introduced in the Senate, and is now making its way through that house.  These encouraging steps show that this bill has legs – it isn’t window-dressing, but is instead a serious proposal that has momentum.  If it were to pass, it could catalyze expansion to a longer school day and school year in 25 New Jersey school districts.

We will keep you up to date as this exciting legislation progresses.

You can read more about the bill’s progress in last week’s New Jersey Today.