Two leading education thinkers and TSC signatories debate a hot topic in education today (and it’s not ELT!) The debate: Should student test scores be used to evaluate teachers?

Thomas Kane, professor of education and economics at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the faculty director for the Center for Education Policy Research and Linda Darling-Hammond, a Charles E. Ducommun professor of education and faculty co-director of the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education, are at odds as to whether student performance on standardized tests should be used to evaluate the effectiveness of teachers.

The issue is of course outside the scope of the Time to Succeed Coalition, but watching this debate unfold reminds us how unique the movement to expand learning time is. Many of the prominent leaders that have signed on to the Coalition come from very different perspectives and may disagree on other issues. But what they all agree on, across the board and across the spectrum, is that the time for debate on this issue is over. And while they may disagree largely on the topic of teachers and testing, Thomas Kane and Linda Darling-Hammond agree that expanding learning time is a key strategy for teachers and schools in educating students well.