Citizen Schools, led by TSC Signatory Eric Schwarz, is holding its “Expanded Learning Time Summit” in Boston this week. The summit is expected to bring over 220 school and district leaders, policymakers from around the country to discuss one of the country’s leading reform strategies.

Citizen Schools, founded in Boston, is partnering with schools to expand learning time in California, Texas, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, North Carolina, and New Mexico – many of the places where the tough conversations about education reform seem to be taking root.

With their ELT Summit, Citizen Schools is doing exactly what we at TSC are hoping to see more of in the years to come – they are engaging school leaders, district leaders, and policy leaders in a conversation about expanded learning time. Improving schools is hard work as is expanding school time. Add the integration of partners into that mix and it’s a whole new conversation!

Cheers to Citizen Schools for both having the conversation and for working hard with schools to expand learning time in a way that is engaging and academically enriching to students.