I traveled to Des Moines, Iowa last week for the kickoff meeting of their Task Force on Instructional Time. Jennifer Davis, president of the National Center on Time & Learning and a TSC Signatory, presented on ELT at the meeting – you can read her take on the meeting here. From a TSC perspective, this task force is doing exactly what we hope states and districts will do over the coming months. The legislature has tasked the state department of education to convene a conversation about instructional time and whether they have the right amount of time in their school calendar or if they should consider expanding it for some or all schools. The members come from all over the state and from many different backgrounds – education, business, community organizations, and government. While the task force members all may have varied experience and knowledge, it was clear from this meeting that they are coming to this process with open minds and understand that the issue of instructional time can be complicated. After sitting in one meeting, I am looking forward to what unfolds in Iowa. It is a state that prides itself of going first (hello, Iowa caucuses!) so I am hoping they will set the stage yet again with some innovative policies around ELT.