Where has the summer gone? It is that time again when parents, teachers,and students are beginning to think about back-to-school, and in fact, many schools across the country are beginning to welcome their students back to the classroom.

It has been exciting to see programs all over the country provide summer learning activities for students of all ages in an effort to stem summer learning loss. As we have mentioned before, these summer programs are critical. Studies have shown that while children from all backgrounds may learn at similar rates during the school year, each summer, students from high-poverty families tend to fall behind their wealthier peers.

As we gear up for another school year, the Time to Succeed Coalition decided to take a closer look at the traditional school calendar of 180 6.5 hour days. How much of that allows students to gain new knowledge? The answer may surprise you. Check out our new video to find out!

It’s clear that the traditional school calendar does not give students enough time to learn what they need to know in today’s world. Isn’t it time we give students the time they need to succeed?