I am always impressed when I look at the wide variety of signatories we have signed on in support of expanding learning time. The personal testimony signatories offered when they signed on give both power and voice to the movement. Whether you are an educator, a businessperson, or simply a concerned citizen, expanding learning time to meet the needs of  our students, teachers, and communities just makes sense.  Here are my favorite testimonials of the week. (All emphasis added!)

“I support quality expanded learning time because we are in a rapidly-changing world and our students in poverty need to catch up and then keep running with the rest of their cohorts. Our democracy loses ground when we have students who are not engaged in their education to their full potential. Expanded learning time and flexible school schedules are going to be a critical function of the success of our education communities now and in the future.”
– Cheryl Reinhart, Attorney in education policy & great-grandmother, Little Rock, AR


“The system is broken. We cannot run our education system simply because custom has dictated so. As other sectors of our country have made progress, innovation has been lacking in education, where it is needed most.”
– Syed Ali, College Student, Wesleyan University, Bronx, NY


“I support expanded learning time because of the benefit it has on families. I like the idea that a student who is from a low socio-economic background doesn’t go home at 2:30 p.m. I think that it enables the students’ parents to work 9-5 and not be put in a situation where they either neglect their children, or can’t work.”
– Teddy Sullivan, Businessperson, Boston, MA

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