Bringing you the week’s expanding learning time news:

Denver Public Schools Back in Session Superintendent and TSC signatory Tom Boasberg welcomed students and teachers back to school this week and congratulated them on their academic growth. Denver Public Schools students posted the highest Median Growth Percentile scores among Colorado’s 20 largest school districts on the 2012 Transitional Colorado Assessment Program. Improvements being made at schools that have undergone turnaround reform efforts the past few years are demonstrating significantly higher achievement levels.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick Highlights Orchard Gardens at the Democratic National Convention Education policy was on the mind of Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, who talked about Orchard Gardens Elementary in Boston. Its “reputation was a wreck” before the Obama administration policies cleared the way for new “tools” that allowed for Orchard Gardens to have a longer school day, use experiential learning, and employ stronger “teaching standards and accountabilities.”

Chicago Braces for First Teacher Strike in a Generation A dispute between unionized public school teachers and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has residents of the third-largest U.S. city bracing for a possible strike on Monday in a showdown over education reform that has national implications. Prior to the enactment of a longer school day, which began last week, Chicago elementary and middle school students received instruction for fewer hours a year than any of the 30 major cities studied by the National Center on Time and Learning.