I am always impressed when I look at the wide variety of signatories we have signed on in support of expanding learning time. The personal testimony signatories offered when they signed on give both power and voice to the movement. Whether you are an educator, a businessperson, or simply a concerned citizen, expanding learning time to meet the needs of  our students, teachers, and communities just makes sense.  Here are my favorite testimonials of the week. (All emphasis added!)

“Not only do our children deserve a high quality, internationally benchmarked education, but it is critical to the future of our country that we provide it. It is our responsibility to give all kids the opportunity to achieve academically, and the research on how to do this is clear: more learning time, more teacher collaboration time, and more enrichment time.”
– Lou Stewart, Consultant, Focus on Results, La Crescenta, CA


“Expanded learning time can result in sweeping changes in how education is delivered by giving teachers time to re-think how to best meet student needs.”
– Wendy Loloff-Piersee, CEO, Generation Schools Network, Denver, CO


“We all say, ‘there are just not enough hours in the day.’ ” Expanded learning time through the redesign of the school day and year is the key to strengthening the educational foundation of our children and to preparing our students for their futures in college and careers.”
– Susan Nutting, Principal, Weymouth Public Schools, Weymouth , MA

Now it’s your turn! Become a Signatory and tell us why YOU support expanding learning time!