The personal testimony signatories offered when they signed on give both power and voice to the movement. Whether you are an educator, a businessperson, or simply a concerned citizen, expanding learning time to meet the needs of  our students, teachers, and communities just makes sense.  Here are my favorite testimonials of the week. (All emphasis added!)

“Research shows that approximately half of the achievement gap can be explained by summer learning loss. The Providence After School Alliance has shown improved outcomes for middle school students participating in after school programming in collaboration with the Providence Public Schools. Many of the highest performing public schools serving Providence students are charter schools with an extended school day and year. I know as well from my experiences growing up the importance of summer and after school enrichment programs to students’ academic success. All the evidence points to the need for more time: schools cannot do it all inside the traditional calendar of 180 days, 6 hours a day. For our students to succeed, we must create more opportunities for expanded learning time for students, teachers, schools, and communities, including a longer school day and high quality after school and summer programming.”
– Angel Taveras, Mayor, City of Providence, Providence, RI


“To provide the high-quality education all of our students deserve, we need more time. More time for learning basic and advanced skills, more time for enrichment, and more time for supporting our teachers as they differentiate instruction, do more collaborative planning, and incorporate new technologies into their teaching.”
– Bernadeia Johnson, Superintendent, Minneapolis Public Schools,Minneapolis, MN


“Today’s young people can benefit from expanded learning time because it provides experiences that enhance what is taught in the classroom and provides real-world learning opportunities and connections.”
– Marsha Dobrzynski, nonprofit executive director, Young Audiences of NE Ohio, Cleveland, OH

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