The personal testimony signatories offered when they signed onto the coalition give both power and voice to the movement. Whether you are an educator, a businessperson, or simply a concerned citizen, expanding learning time to meet the needs of  our students, teachers, and communities just makes sense.  Here are my favorite testimonials of the week. (All emphasis added!)

“I am very concerned that some of the most important aspects of education are suffering in our current educational system. With the emphasis on, other vital parts of education are lagging. There is neglect of P.E., music studies, the Arts, and International studies. These are critical components of an educational process in developing well rounded citizens of ‘the world.’”
– Esther Roberts, Parent, Foster City, CA


“I have so much to teach my Kindergarten class everyday and the powers that be are always adding more! I think this would take a lot of stress off of me and help the children learn better.
– Cynthia Lukas, teacher, Orange County Public Schools, Maitland, FL


“I support expanded learning time because our current educational system wasn’t designed for the reality of today’s families. Too many of my students go home with no one to supervise them, no one to help them with homework, no one to even provide them a meal. If we want to truly lead into the 21st century, we need to face this reality head on and redesign our educational system to meet the needs of today’s students.”
– Andrew Hartman, Educator, Kennedy Institute of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington, Washington, DC

Now it’s your turn! Become a Signatory and tell us why YOU support expanding learning time!