The personal testimony signatories offered when they signed onto the coalition give both power and voice to the movement. Whether you are an educator, a businessperson, or simply a concerned citizen, expanding learning time to meet the needs of our students, teachers, and communities just makes sense. Here are my favorite testimonials of the week. (All emphasis added!)

“We need to change the way our students are prepared for the 21st century. It is imperative that students have time to think critically, use their creativity and imagination and engage in real world problems. The constraints of standardized testing and the limits of the standard school day don’t give students the opportunity to explore, invent and engage in truly meaningful learning. We live in a world that is becoming increasingly more global and complex and we need to prepare students to live in this world. We are a nation of opportunity and our students should be at the forefront of that opportunity. We are at a crossroads in our education- we can sit back and watch from the sidelines or we can get involved to make a revolution of the things that our students are learning. There’s no time to waste.”
John Sadoff, Teacher, Somerville, MA


“I support this work because research points to expanded learning time as a prerequisite for serving all children better, but particularly children from lower income families and communities. We need documented “field experiments” to energize educational professionals in shaping the needed changes. More time is necessary, but we must also change how time is used to engage children and their parents and communities in exciting learning opportunities that stimulate short and longer-term development. I feel privileged to work with schools that are confronting this challenge in a serious way.”
– Karen Seashore, Professor, University of Minnesota, College of Education and Human Development, Minneapolis, MN


“There is not nearly enough time in a six hour day to provide students with the learning and skills they need in a 21st Century working environment.”
Lauren Fogarty, Gardner Pilot Academy, Allston, MA

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