The Preuss School UCSD can’t seem to keep themselves out of the press these days. Headed by TSC signatory Scott Barton, Preuss was awarded the U.S. News & World Report Gold Medal as one of the top high schools in California (#8) and the Nation (#44) and they were among 10 schools recognized for their academic successes through the 2012 MetLife Foundation-NASSP Breakthrough Schools program. Then in June, they were identified as the top school out of California’s 912 charter schools.

It is no surprise then that the story of the Preuss School has made its way to Jay Mathews at the Washington Post. Admitting only the children of parents who are low-income and never went to college, Preuss has a 100 percent graduation rate. With a school day that is 18 days longer than the state standard, all Preuss high school courses meet college entrance requirements defined by the state’s university systems and Students may serve as interns in UC-San Diego biology and engineering labs, music, and theater departments.

I went to high school in Fairfax County and I know that many of the children their  have a plethora of opportunities available to them. However, for those parents and education leaders who are looking for promising new models that show clear benefits for children in low-income communities, we encourage them to take a look at the expanded-time Preuss School. We know examples of success are not always easy to find or replicate, but in this case, we think it is a school worth studying.