Yesterday our friends at NAACP, led by President and CEO and TSC featured signatory Ben Jealous, unveiled a plan for changing U.S. public education. Volunteers from across the country, who have been trained for the past two years, will lobby at the state and county levels for four educational priorities:

  • Expanded learning time
  • Teacher training improvement
  • Prekindergarten preparation
  • Targeted spending to the neediest students

In addition, NAACP released a new report Finding Our Way Back to First: Reclaiming World Leadership by Educating All America’s Children that details the solutions needed for our children to succeed in today’s global economy with expanded learning time highlighted as one of the four areas for proactive education reform to ensure that, upon graduation, all American students are college ready and/or career ready.

We are delighted to see expanding learning time as one of their top priorities and we look forward to watching this initiative progress!