TIME Collaborative announcement:
This week, expanded learning time was in the forefront of education news across the country as the Ford Foundation, the National Center on Time & Learning, and five states – Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Tennessee – announced a new initiative called the TIME Collaborative. The participating states, districts, and schools will work to develop high-quality and sustainable expanded-time school models that add at least 300 hours of learning time to the calendar. With this new initiative nearly 20,000 students in 40 schools will have opportunities for more academic and enrichment classes beginning in the 2013-2014 school year.

Some of the news coverage of the TIME Collaborative includes:
Schools Try Longer Days, Academic Years
Luis Ubiñas, president of the Ford Foundation and TSC Co-chair, tells NPR’s Marketplace how the TIME Collaborative aims to give all students the opportunities already available to the most affluent students. Also on the program are TSC Signatories Randi Weingarten and Pedro Noguera.
Longer School Day? How Five States are Trying to Change Education
The Christian Science Monitor explains that a key to expanding learning time is not just to lengthen the school day or year; it is about reshaping the structure of the school day to impact how teachers and students think about learning.
5 States To Increase Class Time In Some Schools
Associated Press writer Josh Lederman highlights that 6 million more learning hours will be gained through the TIME Collaborative. A mix of federal, state and district funds will cover the costs of expanded learning time in the new districts and schools, with additional funding from the Ford Foundation and technical assistance from the National Center on Time & Learning.
Is More Learning Better Learning?
The answer in this editorial from the Denver Post is yes, explaining that the TIME Collaborative offers an important opportunity to collaborate with others around the country to figure out how to most effectively integrate academic support and enrichment opportunities into a lengthened school day.

November ELT News
The Education Trust Announces 2012 Dispelling the Myth Award Winners
Edward W. Brooke Charter School, an expanded-time school in Boston, MA, is recognized for making big gains in student learning.
We Need More Time at School, Not Less
With a 100 percent graduation rate and a school day that is 18 days longer than the state standard, Preuss School UCSD Principal and TSC signatory Scott Barton contends that if we want students to get the transformative education they need to succeed in life, what we need is more time in school, not less. Preuss was also highlighted in the Washington Post.
Longer School Day for Cherry Hill Kids
Middle and high school students in Cherry Hill, NJ, will increase the school day by 20 minutes next fall. The added time represents about 14 days of instruction over the school year.
Extended Learning Time Is Time Well Spent
Learning Forward Executive Director and TSC Signatory Stephanie Hirsh, writes on how teachers in expanded-time schools are able to prioritize their learning and collaboration time to achieve significant results for their students.
Exercising Their Bodies and Their Brains
Three-times a day, students in the Fifth Grade Academy at South Lawrence East School (MA) break up their eight-hour day with exercise, dancing, soccer, running, and stepping. Lawrence Public Schools are led by Superintendent Jeff Riley, a TSC Signatory.