Today on Education Week’s blog Leadership 360, Jill Berkowicz and Ann Myers pose tough questions facing expanding learning time. In the wake of the TIME Collaborative announcement and Governor Cuomo’s announcement supporting ELT in New York, they explain:

“School leaders will engage the debate at state levels and at local levels. But, whatever position they personally espouse, it does not take skillful tea leaf reading to see what’s on the horizon. So, now is the time to prepare our schools and avoid a swift legislative action from crashing down around us again. We can get an edge on this movement by getting ready. As leaders we have the responsibility to step up and the first step is asking good questions.”

We couldn’t agree more. As a broad coalition of supporters, we know that there are many ways to address ELT, and there is not a “one size fits all” approach.

The good news is that school leaders, non-profits, teachers, and parents where ELT is being successfully implemented, address these questions before and during the process. As this movement gains more support and as more states, districts, and schools think about implementing ELT, we have to be ready to tackle the tough questions that ensure implementation is thoughtful and successful.