January was an exciting month for expanding learning time! Here are some of the most exciting developments from states and districts across the country.

  • In his recent State of the Commonwealth speech, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick proposed expanding learning time for every high-poverty middle school in the state in order to prepare all students to compete and succeed in the global marketplace.
  • Tucson, Arizona State Representative Ethan Orr has introduced a bill that would amend the law to allow schools as well as districts expand the school year from 180 to 200 days in return for increased funding. Orr’s bill is one of three introduced this session that would lengthen the academic year.
  • In an op-ed in the Albany Times-Union by Lucy Friedman, TSC Featured Signatory and President of TASC, and Mary Anne Schmitt-Carey, President of Say Yes to Education, the authors argue that schools are trapped in the past and re-inventing schools for the 21st century requires rethinking the school day and year and rewiring how schools and communities work together to educate all children.
  • In Education Week’s newest blog, Leadership360, authors Jill Berkowicz and Ann Myers recognize the momentum building among policymakers toward providing a longer day and/or year and ask important questions leaders must consider as they decide whether ELT is right for their community and school.
  • Expanding the time of the learning day means expanding opportunities for DPS students. Watch as three DPS schools (Johnson Elementary, McGlone Elementary, and Grant-Beacon Middle School) share how they have used the expanded-time to benefit students.

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