Bringing you the week’s expanded learning time news:

A bill proposed in Arizona would increase funding for schools that expand the school year for an additional 20 days. Currently a law exists that offers an additional five percent of funding for school districts that expand the school year; however, this new bill increases the funding to eight percent and allows individual schools to apply as well. The bill is bolstered by the success of the Balsz Elementary School District #31 in Phoenix that which expanded its schedule under the current statute four years ago.

Jennifer Davis, TSC Featured Signatory and president of the National Center on Time & Learning, wrote a column for the Salem News this week, “Longer School Days Offer Chance for Student Success.” In the column, she explains why she chose an expanded time (ET) school for her child and the opportunities being provided in the 90 ET schools across Massachusetts.

Four elementary schools in Charleston County, South Carolina will increase their school year next year. Superintendent Nancy McGinley is expanding the school year from 190-days to 210-days in order turn around the low-performing schools and focus on the “intense culture change” necessary at the schools.

In an op-ed in the Buffalo News, TSC Co-Chair Chris Gabrieli wrote that Governor Cuomo is on the right track with his proposal to expand learning time for New York students. Gabrieli highlighted the importance of using an expanded schedule well – for stronger academics and enrichment classes for students as well as more time for teacher collaboration.