With a broad and diverse coalition, you never know where you might come across a TSC Signatory. Today, it was in GQ. The article, “And the Award for the Next HBO Goes to…” outlines the constantly evolving role of Netflix in entertainment.

“The quirky little start-up that once printed money by mailing you DVDs is hell-bent on morphing into the HBO—and the network, and the any-show, any-time streaming service—of tomorrow. Can Netflix and its pathologically modest founder, Reed Hastings, pull it off? Who knows? But it’s going to be fun to watch….”

It goes on to profile Hastings through the many changes that Netflix has and is continuing to go through over the past year. The paragraph that caught our eyes, of course, was the one that highlights Hastings work where we know him best – education reform.

“Education reform is where he concentrates his philanthropic efforts—he even served on the California State Board of Education when Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor,” GQ writer Nancy Haas notes. “He could probably dominate the board of his alma mater, Bowdoin, the small liberal-arts college in Maine, probably have a building named after him by now, but that just seems, well, pointless. He’d rather disrupt a large system bound by archaic traditions and shoddy technology. Or rather, a second one.”

“You have to focus on one thing where you’re clear on what kind of impact you want to have,” [Hastings] says. “Otherwise you never get anything done.”

As a coalition focused on one small piece – expanded learning time – within the world that is education reform, we couldn’t agree more with Hastings. Staying true to one’s mission can be difficult when there is other, often equally as compelling, issues and causes out there. However, in order to make some change, we know that Hastings is right. At the end of the day, it is all about the kind of impact one wants to have.

For us at TSC, we are focused on ensuring that more students across the country have more time for learning and enrichment opportunities within the school day and year. Doubling, tripling that number – there’s our impact. With his creation of Netflix, Hastings shattered the traditional entertainment ecosystem by no longer honoring this idea of “managed dissatisfaction.” Isn’t it time to give the traditional school calendar the same treatment?