Good news for Chicago Public school students – it looks like art will be added to the CPS school scorecards in the fall! CPS plans to name an arts liaison in every school by March, fulfilling one of the benchmarks of the CPS Arts Education Plan.

When CPS implemented district-wide expanded learning time last fall, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel – a TSC Featured Signatory – prioritized arts education as a key element for the redesigned academic day:

“Each child has only one chance at a good education, and every single one of our students deserves the best we can provide. By working together we can make sure our students attend the most innovative and creative school district in the nation.”

– Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Using research as its guide and community-wide partnerships to trail blaze the way, Ingenuity Inc., a nonprofit, is working to integrate arts into CPS classrooms as part of the Arts Education Plan. Ingenuity Inc. provides resources to schools, teachers, and principals, and helps coordinate the hundreds of community arts organizations and cultural institutions bringing arts education to each and every student in Chicago during the school day.

With this plan, Chicago’s schools and its students will be on the cutting edge of school improvement. CPS recognized last fall that in order to give its students the very best education and the best chance for success, they needed more time in the school day. It could not simply be more of the same, but a redesigned day better suited to meet the needs of students in one of our country’s most culturally vibrant cities. Arts matter in Chicago, and coming this fall, its students will now reap all the benefits.