Almost every day, news articles, radio segments and local TV news features the voices of elected officials, superintendents, teachers, and parents talking about how expanded learning time can add value to their students’ school day. However, often one very important voice is left out of the conversation — students.

A couple weeks ago, the National Center on Time & Learning posted a great video on their Time Matters Blog. Check it out!


In New London, Connecticut, three elementary schools and a middle school decided to ask students what they think of expanding the school schedule. They partnered with high school students in the Digital Communications Program at the Science and Technology Magnet School in New London to film the younger students regarding their thoughts on the longer school day.

From more art and engineering, to more chemistry and physical education, these students have all sorts of ideas of what could be added to their new school day (for a staff favorite, head to minute 1:20!). Here at TSC, we think the student voice is not only powerful but an absolutely necessary component in pushing this movement forward. That’s why we launched a nationwide search for the best student videos, artwork/pictures, and blog entries about the opportunities they see with expanded learning time.

Children are natural explorers, enthusiastic adventurists, performers, dancers, and athletes – we just need to provide them the tools and the time to unlock their passions and their potentials (and a little gift card incentive doesn’t hurt either)!