Your weekly feed of reasons why TSC signatories decided to be, well, TSC signatories! (All emphasis added.)

“I believe expanded learning time will greatly help students who are in low income areas become more successful by their involvement with tutoring, additional sports, and the arts. Education is what will move students into the future. The more education they receive, the better they will be prepared to lead theirs and future generations.”

-Rosemary White, Teacher, East Walpole, MA

“Education is the key to breaking the cycle of generational poverty that entraps the children I serve. Time on task is crucial to overcoming the deficits they enter school with as well as combating the negative environmental and societal realities they are faced with during non school time. Schools with their mandated longer school day and even Saturday attendance requirements have proven it is a successful model for helping kids who have a high probability of failure in the traditional school hour model, succeed.”

Diane Sonneman, Youth Service Provider, Griffin Center: Catholic Urban Programs, East St. Louis, IL

“As a leader of an ELT school, I see the power and impact of additional time for students for academic, social and emotional growth and gains.”

 Alexandra Montes, McNeil School Leader, Mario Umana Academy, East Boston, MA

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