Your weekly feed of reasons why TSC signatories decided to be, well, TSC signatories! (All emphasis added.)

“It is clear that we need to expand learning hours to create an environment that allows for learning in many different ways and different subjects. It is shocking to me how little time is spent on science, art, music and social studies today. These subjects reinforce the core language arts and math skills that students work on and add a joy to learning that seems to be lacking in schools today.”

                          -Rosemary Sump, Parent, Kansas City, MO

“Because everyone deserves an equal chance to succeed in life.”

                         -Nick Sauvie, Director of ROSE Community Development, Portland, OR

“Expanded time allows the opportunity to: deepen student learning, support school leaders, provide essential resources for additional professional development for teachers, and, most importantly, engage students in subjects and content beyond the “tests”, ones that prepare them for the 21st century creative workforce.”

                          -Duncan Remage-Healey, Administrator, Boston Arts Academy, Boston, MA

“As a former classroom teacher and current nonprofit director of after school programs, I can attest that the hours between three and six offer a wealth of opportunities for academic remediation and supplementation, scientific inquiry, explorations in the arts and service learning.

                          -Stephanie Rege, After School Program Director, Raleigh, NC

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