Officially, as of 7:02 A.M. (EDT) this morning, spring is here. The vernal equinox recognizes when the hours of sunlight and darkness are equal, and the days will start getting longer and warmer in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation! And it’s the perfect time to sweep away the cobwebs and remember why we began this coalition.

A lot has changed in 150 years, so why haven’t our schools?

Spring is an exciting time! There is more daylight, and even in the streets here on the East Coast, you can see people moving with more energy. Schools across the country are looking forward and beginning to plan the next steps for the 2013-2014 school year. Legislative sessions are in full swing, and in eleven states, legislation is being considered that would give schools the opportunity, in a variety of ways, to expand learning time.

This might be one of my favorite times of the year. Why do you like spring?