Your weekly feed of reasons why TSC signatories decided to be, well, TSC signatories! (All emphasis added.)

“More time on task is simply essential to close the achievement gap.”
– Carol Naughton, Parent and Educator, Purpose Built Communities, Atlanta, GA

“I believe in time as a resource for: 1- more elective choice for students, 2-more intervention for struggling students and 3- more teacher prep time. We at Highlander are redesigning our school day based on the success of our after school programming in order to bring more inquiry-based, exploratory love for learning into the school day.”
– Dana Borrelli-Murray, School Administrator, Highlander Charter School, Providence, RI

“Students need an expanded school day and longer school year to gain the academic expertise for the US to stay competitive; particularly in the STEM subjects, in the global economy.”
– Marlene Veldwisch, School Administrator – Director of Development, Mario Umana Academy, East Boston, MA

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