After the launch yesterday of TSC Massachusetts, it was great to see the issue appear in two television news segments last night.

The first, an interview with Co-Chair Chris Gabrieli on FOX Boston News, showcased the exact naysayer conversation I wrote about last week. Is ELT a solution for all kids and all schools across America? Chris clarifies that by expanding learning time, schools in high-poverty communities are able to close the achievement gap and provide the range of educational and extracurricular opportunities that are often available in-school or out-of-school for students in higher-income communities. Watch the clip here:

Highlighting that point, the second news segment, this time from NECN goes into the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School in Cambridge, one of the first elementary schools in Massachusetts to implement a longer learning day in 2006. Today, teachers there still feel like the expanded time schedule is working. The segment shows the plethora of courses offered to its students through expanded learning time, including Mandarin Chinese. Check out the opportunities students at MLK enjoy through expanding learning time: