Your weekly feed of reasons why TSC signatories decided to be, well, TSC signatories! (All emphasis added.)

“It’s time for a practical solution to our educational system. It’s a different world from the 50’s and 60’s.”
– Charles Winter, Parent, Fairfield, CO

“The community of support for a student must include family and/or significant others who commit to learning and growing intellectually together. Time is the essential vehicle. Connecting with one’s own interests can help a student, especially in poor environments-I grew up in one, understand that he/she must own his/her own education, and that time is the variable. All learning is self-initiated. Integrating that reality into a child’s schedules at school, at home, or in some other high quality, high respect environment can move a student along.”
– Brett Turner, Program Officer, Rodel Foundation of Delaware

“Experience in low-income k-12 schools and research for my PhD dissertation both provided compelling evidence that expanded learning time is essential for raising student achievement in low-income schools. Summer learning loss alone accounts for much of the current achievement gap.”
– David Jackson, Retired teacher & principal, Berkeley, CA

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