Your weekly feed of reasons why TSC signatories decided to be, well, TSC signatories! (All emphasis added.)

“The current school day limits the time for academic pursuits, individualized explorations, active play, nutrition, and personal growth. In addition, students with limited resources in their communities miss out on many out-of-school opportunities and become less competitive with their more affluent peers. I believe productive use of expanded learning time that is safe, personalized, and culturally and intellectually enriching addresses each of these concerns.”

Kathleen Wright, Education Reform Policy Analyst, Waban, MA

“For years the traditional school day and calendar have held time as a constant and have allowed learning to be the variable. It is time to shift this paradigm ensure that students are engaged in high-quality expanded learning opportunities that prepare them for success in academic learning, life, and the global economy.”

Caterina Leone Mannino, District Administrator, Rochester, NY

“It’s one critical component to accelerate learning and close the achievement gap for this generation.”

Sneha Sheth, Business Person, Boston, MA

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