Your weekly feed of reasons why TSC signatories decided to be, well, TSC signatories! (All emphasis added.)

“My children deserve a world-class education and so do all of the other children in Chicago, regardless of socio-economic situation. Public education should work for everyone, not just the lucky few. As working parents the current schedule is completely out of sync with how we live and with how our children learn best- the school day is just too short. Any hope for the US to stay competitive in the new global economy will depend on our ability to educate ALL of our children. It is past time to remedy the situation – our collective house is on fire and we must change the system now before another student has to suffer from our collective lack of attention. “

– Lisa Kulisek, Parent, Chicago, IL

“Many children in Vance County have not been “left behind”: they’ve fallen between the cracks. Only 62.7% of our residents have a high school diploma. Sadlymany don’t have a dictionary or other reading material at home, seldom do they see adults reading at home, and home life is filled with mature subject matter. I started the Vance County Learning Center in an effort to ensure food, education and positive role models for my students. Extended school hours keep students away from negative experiences without traumatizing them.”

– Deryl vonWilliam, School Founder, Vance County Learning Center, Henderson, NC

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