In this week’s ELT Soup:

A Detroit News article described the journey of former NBA player Jalen Rose from attending an inner city public school to opening his own expanded learning time school, the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy.

The National Center on Time & Learning released a new report this week highlighting how expanding learning time enables schools to advance arts education. The report presents case studies of five schools utilizing the longer student and teacher days to prioritize time for arts education while they also work to improve overall academic instruction and focus on individual student achievement. Education Week summarized the report’s findings.

Yahoo! Voice synthesized the discussion in the Colorado Legacy Foundation webinar this past week about the redesigned and expanded schedule at Generation Schools. The 18 month process included analyzing how the school was using time, rethinking the time use for students and teachers as well as communicating with parents and the community about the changes.

TSC Signatory and former Massachusetts Secretary of Education Paul Reville penned a commentary in Education Week making the case for a new school delivery model for the 21st century. He calls our current model outdated, and among his recommendations, Reville calls for more and better learning time.

The New York Times used this letter to the editor to spur a dialogue about “more time in school”. In her letter, the author discussed the role of summer vacation in today’s society and then posed the question, “What cost do we pay for not truly reforming our education system to equip our learners for these modern times?” Stay tuned this Sunday as the dialogue unfolds.

As the school year in Boston stretches into the middle of June due to snow days throughout the school year, The Boston Globe examined the history of the school calendar and the ELT movement. TSC Co-chair Chris Gabrieli weighed in on the issue by emphasizing the importance of more time used well and highlighting Brooke Charter Schools, a growing network of expanded-time schools that are among the highest-performing schools in the state.

Talahi Academy in Minnesota launched a pilot program for 30 fifth-graders reading below grade-level in reading and math. The program began in January and expanded the school day with six additional hours each week until the end of the school year, and the results are promising with 60% of the participants at or above grade-level and parental interest causing in expansion in the program to second and third-graders next year.