In this week’s ELT Soup:

The winner of TSC’s high school student contest, Rianna, was featured in her local newspaper. Check out her winning submission here.

How much time do students in Tokyo spend learning? Tune in this Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 PM and again at 4:30 PM as NY1 education reporter Lindsey Christ shares her story inside Tokyo’s schools. Learn more about what questions will be answered during the documentary at TASC’s ExpandED Blog.

As many schools across the country start summer vacation, some Detroit schools have a few more weeks left of school. A Detroit Free Press article provides insight to the how the expanded year schools were chosen and includes reactions from students and parents.

In contrast, the Kansas City Star highlights the summer programs that are being offered in the city since schools are closed for the summer, recognizing the struggle some families have in balancing work schedules and providing engaging opportunities for their children.

The LAUSD Board of Education voted unanimously in favor of a resolution that directs TSC Signatory Superintendent John Deasy to submit a strategy that would increase learning time across the district.

New Tech Network reflected on a new report released by the National Center on Time & Learning about the role of deeper learning in education.

TSC Signatories Warren Simmons and Michelle Reneé from the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University contribute to the discussion sparked by the New York Times last week on ELT. They emphasize the importance of ELT for educational equity.

The Huffington Post posted an article about the detrimental effects of summer learning loss, suggesting that perhaps the most effective education reform starts with updating the school calendar.