The summer is here, and summer vacation is in full swing in states across the country. Unfortunately, for many low-income students, so is the summer slide. This is the time when the achievement gap generally grows. The National Summer Learning Association has created an info-graphic to highlight some of the familiar problems with the traditional summer break.


These facts are troubling. Fortunately, with the help of the National Summer Learning Association, we know that schools and organizations in many communities are working to combat summer learning loss. For example, some schools in Detroit are still in session and summer programs are underway in Kansas City. And these are just two examples!

Here at TSC, we believe that expanding the opportunities children have to learn and explore is critical. We know there are great summer programs happening all over the country and we want to hear about them.

Contribute to our blog or comment below to tell us about the summer learning opportunities that are happening in your community. We look forward to spreading the word.