In this week’s ELT Soup:

Jeff Winkour, an elementary school science educator, contributed to the Wheelock University Blog clarifying the difference between the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards . He argues that expanding learning time is critical to ensure that students learn reading and math as well as science. Winkour cites a study that found that students in grades K-3 spend 143 minutes on reading and math compared to only 19 minutes on science daily. This post spurred a conversation by our friends at the National Center on Time & Learning’s on their Why Time Matters blog.

NY1 followed an expanded year school to learn about the creative ways schools use more time to provide hands-on, real world experiences. Students participated in activities ranging from yoga, rowing, and having a behind-the-scenes lesson from a chef at Amali, a restaurant on NYC’s East Side – all of which are in line with the school’s mission to provide engaging, authentic work opportunities.

Seven of the candidates running for mayor of Boston responded to the “Should Boston Public Schools have longer days?” Read their responses here.

As part of their Full School Day Initiative, Chicago Public Schools instituted a mandatory 20-minute recess with the encouragement of parent groups and other advocates. An article by Catalyst Chicago analyzes the challenges and successes in implementation in its first year.