In this week’s ELT Soup:

As part of a growing movement among Boston-area charter and traditional public schools to expand opportunities to help children, especially those from lower-income communities, beat the “summer slide,” the Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter Public School created a summer camp aimed at bringing enriching summer activates to students. Sue Thompson, Academy of the Pacific Rim’s Executive Director and a TSC Featured Signatory, says the summer months hold potential for both enrichment and additional instruction.

Despite a drop in scores due to stricter testing rules, officials say 11 Chicago public schools that adopted the longer school day one year ahead of schedule continued to show bigger improvements than the rest of the district’s elementary schools.

Kids can forget anywhere from one to three months’ worth of the math and reading skills they acquired during the school year during June, July, and August. Senior writer for ESPN, LZ Granderson, ask “if the data show academic atrophy occurs during summer’s three months of vacation — requiring teachers to spend a portion of their time re-teaching what students learned the year before — then why aren’t we responding intelligently to the research?” Read his recommendation here.

At the third annual Citizen Schools ELT Partnership Summit, more than 200 educators and district leaders from 13 school districts across seven states gathered last Friday and Saturday to discuss how ELT can improve learning for students, help schools prepare students for the new Common Core State Standards and how to pay for the additional time.