The best part about having a twin is you’re never alone; my twin will always have my back and we go everywhere together. My twin sister Amber and I love to play sports and everyone always calls us “Double Trouble”. Growing up with a twin has its ups but it also has its downs because we have to get use to sharing everything- I’m talking everything. My sister and I shared the same clothes, sneakers, bedroom and friends until we reached the age of 13. We were always together, and no matter what the situation, we knew that we could count on each other. Bur life changed for us in the sixth grade. My mother decided to separate Amber and me because she believed it was time for us to become more independent. I joined our older brother at the Clarence Edwards Middle School in Charlestown, MA, which was an hour bus ride each way, and my sister attended the middle school in our neighborhood. Distance, though, wasn’t the only difference between the two schools. That fall, the Edwards was changing its schedule and had added 90 minutes to each school day. So my school day was now 90 minutes longer than my sister’s school day every day. This was a big change. Krystal_Twin_Blog

However, the expanded school day did give me opportunities. I joined the basketball team, an opportunity my sister didn’t have at her school, and quickly made friends. With more time in the school day, I juggled school work, basketball, and homework better than I had in the past. I didn’t have traditional ‘homework’; I was able to do work in school with the help of teachers, and instead, was able to spend time after school enhancing my basketball skills. Also, with ELT, I was able to learn what it means to be a lawyer through an apprenticeship with Citizen Schools. I really enjoyed being in a courtroom with a real judge, learning about the law.

My sister’s experience in middle school was so different. It was a roller coaster. She didn’t have the same number of opportunities to engage with her fellow students. In fact, at the end of her sixth grade year, my mom decided to have Amber transfer to the Edwards because John and I were both doing well there, and she thought Amber could benefit from the number of classes and the teachers there as well.

Now that Amber and I are heading to college, we will once again be separated. But I know that my experience at the Edwards will pay off. I will be challenged academically and socially, and I will need to manage my time between academics, sports, and social activities. Thanks to the Edwards, though, I am ready.