Parade Magazine provides seven inspiring ideas from leading education researchers, teachers, and policymakers to better prepare our student for a 21st century
world. Ideas include adding recess to the school day, flipping the classroom, using more technology, and expanding learning time for a stronger school day.

Known for his bone chilling movie thrillers, M. Night Shyamalan switched gears with his new book I Got Schooled. In a desire to understand the achievement gaps that plague our schools, Shyamalan found that five reforms, when done together, could dramatically improve American education. In his book, he discusses eliminating the worst teachers, pivoting the principal’s job from operations to improving teaching and school culture, giving teachers and principals feedback, building smaller schools, and expanding the amount of time students are in class.

Minneapolis’s top mayoral candidates claim the city needs to make education a top priority. One candidate, Cam Winton, a political independent who has the support of the city’s Republican Party, wants to make dramatic changes like expanding the school day and school year.

Rochester City District Schools announced twenty schools adding more time to the school day and year through flexible scheduling. Superintendent Bolgen Vargas’s powerful quote speaks to the importance the district places on ELT: “ We simply must remove our district from the embarrassing — in my view, unconscionable — position of offering students the least instructional time of any group of children in Monroe County, when arguably they need and deserve the most.”  The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle backs up Vargas’s strong position in this editorial.