Our team has benefited from our common planning time. It has afforded teachers the means to gather, discuss and plan. The result is that students get a more uniform education, and we have the bonus of sharing ideas. This helps us plan for tests, projects and integration of curriculum.

The gift of extra time has also given us the time to work with students who need more help, thus circumventing the need for pull out. In the past, students on Individual Education Programs (IEP) have needed to be pulled from a particular subject in order to receive intervention. This is not the case now that we have extended blocks of time for each subject. Interventionists can go into the classroom and address areas of weakness before they become problematic.

The gift of extra time has been a blessing. Students have demonstrated improvement to the point that our school which was once a Level 3 is now a Level 1. Reading fluency is at an all-time high and the bottom line is students benefit from a more complete education.

Grade 4 Team
Salemwood School

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