A recap of the week’s expanding learning time (ELT) news:

Once the first school in Massachusetts to be declared ‘chronically underperforming’, Fall River’s Matthew J. Kuss Middle School, a MA ELT Initiative school which operates with 300 additional hours, has been moved off of the state’s ‘underperforming’ list and is now in the top tier of schools across the state. Fall River Superintendent Meg Mayo-Brown and former Kuss principal Nancy Mullen, both TSC Signatories, were both at the school to announce the news.

Jefferson County, Kentucky is expanding the school day at 18 of its persistently lowest performing schools. The district has identified over 5,100 students who are eligible for the voluntary expanded learning day. The district hopes that students will take advantage of the time to work one-on-one with teachers on material where they are having trouble and/or on assignments. The students were selected based on a teacher’s recommendation or on academic data that showed students are at risk of falling behind.

The Cincinnati Enquirer posted a debate about the merits of a year-round school calendar. Read more and weigh in!