A recap of the week’s expanding learning time (ELT) news:

Principals from five Boston middle schools, including TSC MA Signatory Andrew Bott, and Citizen Schools Vice President Pat Kirby, another TSC MA Signatory, offered advice to the new Boston mayor on what it means to have expanded learning time implemented well. Their advice includes ensuring the time is well used and targeting implementation to the students who need it most.

One Nashville Elementary School is changing its schedule to ensure that all of its students benefit from additional time. Rather than offer intersessions to some students, Napier Elementary has expanded its school day for all students so that they can all benefit from additional academic and enrichment time.

Cherry Hill, NJ High School has added 30 minutes to the front end of its school day, adding the equivalent of about 14 days to its school year. While parents have signaled some concern about their students needing to be at school earlier, school and district leaders are pleased with the additional instructional time that students are receiving.

Huntsville, AL School Board is considering a new school calendar that would start earlier and incorporate more breaks throughout the year. The school board has been enabled to consider this change by an expiring state law that mandates school calendars; now school boards will be able to set their own calendars.